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Michigan Wheel is always looking for ways to provide cutting edge propulsion technologies to its customers. By partnering with Nakashima Propeller, we have been able to expand our commercial propeller offerings to include controllable pitch propellers and fixed pitch propellers, fitting a wide range of applications.

Controllable Pitch Propellers

Michigan Wheel offers two models of controllable pitch propellers and blade replacements, available to fit a wide range of commercial applications. For applications up to 5,000 HP, XS uses hydraulic push rod for blade movement. The XL is for applications of 5,000 HP and more, using a highly efficient hydraulic cylinder pump package one-third the size of similar systems.

Fixed Pitch Propellers

Michigan Wheel can now offer some of the largest propellers in the world. Cutting edge fixed pitch propeller design and innovations such as composite propellers and propeller fin boss caps. Advanced blade machining and expert hand polishing.