Michigan Wheel has years of experience creating high performance boat props that will be the best choice for your outboard motor. Finding the correct propeller can have a huge effect on your boat’s performance, fuel economy, top end speed, and more. We offer a complete line of stainless steel and aluminum outboard propeller replacements, both for outboard and sterndrive applications.

Michigan Wheel is recognized as the global leader in Outboard & Sterndrive propeller experience, design and innovation.  Our Outboard & Sterndrive propellers are cast of the finest grade alloys, resulting in superior performance.  Whether cruising, skiing, towing or fishing, Michigan Wheel has a propeller to match your specific performance needs.

When you run Michigan Wheel, you’re running a step beyond standard performance

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Apollo XHS Series of outboard propellers combine the strength and durability of highly polished stainless steel with CAD designed blade geometry to create a premium high-performance propeller that’s the best value on the water. Available in 3-blade, 3-blade large diameter, and 4-blade configurations, Apollo propellers are designed to improve hole shot, making them ideal for heavier loads and pulling/towing in water sports.



Ballistic Series stainless steel outboard propellers offer the characteristics of racing style propellers at an affordable price for the performance-minded recreational boater. Available in 3-blade, 3-blade XL, and 4-blade configurations, Ballistic propellers feature tapered leading edges to reduce drag, highly cambered blade sections for higher speed and better bow lift, and power tips for peak efficiency.



Vortex Series aluminum outboard propellers are the #1 recreational boater’s choice for a high-performance upgrade, replacement, or spare propeller. Vortex 3-blade and 4-blade propellers are durable, precision balanced, and high gloss powder coated for peak handling and acceleration.

Michigan Match


Michigan Match aluminum 3-blade replacement outboard propellers offer high performance at a low price, making them an ideal primary or spare propeller for the recreational boater. Their naval brass spindle with rubber cushioned hub absorbs impact, and high gloss powder coated for peak handling and acceleration.


Series Propellers

Phenom XHS Series stainless steel outboard propellers offer a premium, high-performance experience that you have come to expect! These Wide Blade, Large Diameter propellers have been designed to provide the durability, precision and performance that your High Horsepower engine demands.