Government Inboard Propellers

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The government product division at Michigan Wheel is focused on solutions. Unlike other boat owners who can pick a standard propeller to fit their needs, our government and federal project clients have unique propulsion needs. Our job is to listen to what the application is and then custom-build the piece to the application’s specifications. Whether you know the exact measurements of your propeller and simply need a reputable builder, or if you only have an idea of what you’re looking for and need our engineers to design and make the exact propeller for you, we can do it with high tolerance, speed, fuel efficiency, and reduced noise and vibration. All of our custom products feature the durability that Michigan Wheel has been delivering for over 100 years.

We work with the US Navy, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, Army Corps of Engineers, and many more government and federal organizations. Our propulsion experts and exclusive relationships with some of the world’s leading propeller experts have advanced design capabilities for every project. We employ advanced NC machine finishing, formal tolerance systems. ISO tolerant systems, and US Navy tolerant systems.

Market Segments

GRC43m Global Response Cutter

The GRC43m is a composite security vessel built by Westport in Westport, Washington. The 143′ vessel uses Michigan Wheel propellers and struts to reach speeds of over 32 knots while keeping vibration to a minimum and maximizing efficiency.

Fast Response Cutter

The Fast Response Cutter (FRC) is a class of patrol boats built by Bollinger Shipyards in Lockport, Louisiana for the United States Coast Guard (USCG). In order to reach its top speed of 28 knots, each 154′ cutter is equipped with a pair of custom propellers from Michigan Wheel Marine.

Swiftships 35 m Patrol Boat

The Swiftships 35 m Patrol Boat is an aluminum patrol vessel designed and built by Swiftships for global security forces, including the Iraqi Navy. Built in Morgan City, Louisiana, the Iraqi Patrol Boat utilizes Michigan Wheel custom propellers to reach its top speed of 33 knots