Large Commercial Propellers

Controllable Pitch Propellers

Two models available to fit a wide range of applications. 

XS for applications up to 5,000 HP uses hydraulic push rod for blade movement. 

XL for applications of 5,000 HP and more uses a highly efficient hydraulic cylinder pump package one-third the size of similar systems. 

Controllable pitch propeller blade replacement

Why Michigan Wheel?


Design & Engineering

Michigan Wheel utilizes the latest in CFD technology to create advanced designs. Through advanced computer modeling and simulation, our engineering team can examine a boat’s wake and design a propeller specifically for that wake, leading to a significant reduction in fuel costs and vibration while offering a higher top speed.



Michigan Wheel controls every aspect of the production process to ensure the finished product is an accurate interpretation of the design. By utilizing the latest in CNC machining techniques and propeller measurement technology, Michigan Wheel is able to build incredibly accurate propellers that meet the varied tolerance requirements of their customers.



Michigan Wheel is committed to providing superior products for their customers when they are on the water for recreation, work, or in service to their country. Our quality team uses computerized measurement recording devices to measure our products and ensure they meet our strict tolerances.