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Michigan Wheel’s partnership with Nakashima has allowed us to provide our customers with high-quality Bow Thrusters that can be used in a wide range of vessels including freighters, fishing vessels, ferries, roll-on/roll-off vessels, container ships, offshore supply vessels, and patrol crafts.

Fixed Pitch Bow Thrusters

Model TFN tunnel thrusters utilize fixed pitch propellers to minimize maintenance costs. The tunnel assembly is built with a reinforced structure to allow it to be easily mounted in various types of vessels.

Controllable Pitch Bow Thrusters

Model TCT is a high performance tunnel thruster with controllable blades. The design has been optimized by use of tank tests to maximize thrust while minimizing noise and vibration. Available with propeller diameters ranging from 700mm (27.55”) to 3,150mm (124”). Bolt on blades can be easily removed for replacement or repair.