Bronze rudder assemblies including tiller arms, bearings, and tubes. Available in a range of balanced designs with straight, swept back, or scimitar leading edge.


Using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, Michigan Wheel can design and manufacture custom bronze struts to match the vessel structure. This custom design aides in managing cavitation, reducing noise and vibration, and potentially increasing speed.

Controllable Pitch Thruster (Model TCT)

The controllable pitch propeller Model TCT is a high-performance tunnel-type thruster. It provides good maneuverability, because the direction and scale of thrust can be changed by controlling the blade angle of the propeller.

Fixed Pitch Thruster (Model TFN)

Using the fixed pitch propeller Model TFN, the direction and level of thrust can easily be controlled by the revolution and rotation direction of the prime mover. Since the model can be used with hydraulic motors, electric motors, and diesel engines, it is used on various types of vessels.

The Aqualube bearing line, well established by the Michigan Wheel Europe and Michigan Wheel MEAA (Middle East, Africa, Asia) divisions, is now available in the Americas. These world class nitrile rubber bearings feature a unique flute design that facilitates the formation of a hydrodynamic wedge in operation, even at slow speeds. The craftsmanship and tolerance of the Aqualube bearings is unsurpassed.

Aqualube bearings are designed for marine and industrial applications. The bearings feature a specially formulated rubber and are molded into various shell materials. The rubber is an extremely tough, chemical and oil resistant nitrile which offers outstanding resistance to abrasion and wear even in the most adverse conditions.

NEW for 2016! Michigan Wheel is now stocking Phenolic (non-metallic) bearings! Sizes available up through 4" I.D. In stock and available to ship immediately.

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