The advanced Michigan Wheel Power Tow propeller is designed to meet the needs of the modern inland waterways fleet.  With heavy duty blade edges and an optimal blade thickness, the Power Tow provides an optimal balance between durability - service life and efficiency – high thrust.  The brown water environment is unforgiving and Power Tow is designed to last.  Power Tow can take the hits the challenging river environment provides and keep working.

The modern propeller blade design results in greater thrust requiring less horse power.  The wide blade tip is designed to work in open and kort nozzle configurations.  The advanced blade design ensures maximum thrust delivered to the water meaning you can push more cargo using the existing horsepower.  Power Tow provides excellent backing power allowing for enhanced boat handling on down river trips.

The Power Tow design is not restricted to inland waterways use.  The same characteristics that make it ideal for river use translate well to coastal tug performance.   The ability to generate high thrust at working speeds means it will perform just as well pushing containerships in port and pulling barges on coastal shipping routes.  Power Tow is a truly versatile propeller design for high horsepower, commercial tug, applications.

Each Power Tow is custom designed to work with a specific boat or class of boats.  The Diameter, Pitch, Blade Area, and Number of Blades can be customized to meet the needs of individual applications to ensure the best performance.   Vessel characteristics such as length, weight, engine information, and gear reduction ratio influence the final propeller size. Michigan Wheel engineering analysis ensures the selected propeller size & design will meet the needs of the captain and the work environment.


Owners and operators can expect high thrust and reduced vibration from day one.  Power Tow was designed with durability AND performance in mind.  The high thrust propeller blade design results in reduced fuel consumption and reduced vibration.  

Power Tow is designed to work with push boats and tug boats that demand the highest amount of thrust.  The Power Tow design will get the most out of your propulsion system without using extra fuel.

High tolerance manufacturing coupled with modern geometry has yielded improved vibration performance.  Reduced vibration reduces crew fatigue and improves crew morale.  The smooth power delivery to the water is noticeable right out of the box.

Power Tow is designed to work well both in forward and reverse directions.  A Power Tow propeller will provide the backing power required to slow a tow on the down river trip.  The backing performance will make turns easier and safer.


Power Tow propellers are manufactured to strict formal tolerance schedules, internationally recognized, ISO 484 – Propeller Manufacturing Tolerances.  High tolerance manufacturing means out of the box performance. 

Each new Power Tow propeller starts off with a custom geometry design, developed by Michigan Wheel engineering naval architects. This propeller geometry is then used in an advanced manufacturing process that includes patternless casting molding, precise hub bore machining, and carefully controlled blade surface finishing.  During all phases of propeller manufacturing, there are quality control checks performed.   Each finished propeller is fully measured at final inspection to strict standards before it’s shipped and ready to be installed. 

Each wheel is manufactured to ISO Class 2 dimensional tolerances.  


Power Tow is available in Manganese Bronze, NiBrAl and CF3 Stainless Steel.  Michigan Wheel material standards are industry leading meaning only the highest quality metal is used to manufacture our propellers.  Our metal alloys are custom designed to the meet the needs of the very demanding marine environment.