Hale MRI Inspection Equipment

Experienced propeller shops prefer the Hale MRI. With the Hale MRI reporting, the propeller shop can get absolute recognition of propeller condition. The Hale MRI features linear transducers that transmit extremely precise 3-D data to the computer, including measurements of: pitch; rake; track; spacing; geometry; and camber of ANY propeller.

Why select an MRI Repair facility?

  • Propeller repair professionals, with years of developed repair skills, staff MRI shops.
  • The MRI is an instrument that gives the shop precise, accurate information to enhance their repair capability.
  • Repair with an MRI creates a detailed report of propeller condition. Both the shop and boat owner will have a clear future reference for that propeller. Once desired performance is obtained, future propeller repair or manufacture can match an individual MRI file.
  • On full custom propellers, the precision MRI system is necessary to fully integrate sophisticated design and permit repair. The MRI system can recognize and apply original design data supplied by the propeller manufacturer.
  • On both custom and standard series propellers, the MRI provides information from which the propeller shop and customer can address performance issues. Properly restored propellers can: synchronize propeller loading; improve speed and fuel economy; minimize vibration and noise.

Michigan Wheel Marine distributes the Hale MRI. Michigan Wheel Marine and Hale Propeller supply technical support. Units are supplied complete with stand, table, arbors, measurement arm, computer and computer monitor. On site set-up and training is typically available.