Employment Opportunities at Michigan Wheel

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Metal Finishing Department Opportunities

Polisher/Metal Finisher:

Summary:  The primary function of the Special Wheel Metal Finisher is to polish and balance propellers to fulfill customer requirements and meet the quality and productivity standards set by the company.


Foundry Department Opportunities

Foundry Molding:

Summary:  The primary function of the Molder is to accurately make molds using sand in the formation of a propeller, strut or rudder.  Additionally, the molder will use patterns to make other parts.

Melt Deck:

Summary:  The primary function of the Melt Technician is to accurately pour hot metal into a flask or mold, which will turn into a part.


Engineering Opportunities:

CNC Process Specialist:

Summary: The CNC Process Specialist will work closely with shop floor personnel to address issues with programs and setup. Track and reduce cycle times and setup times on current production. Troubleshoot current CNC practices and make recommendations for change.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • CNC Programming and setup support for production floor.
  • Ability to edit programs in CAM.
  • Identify programs/processes that are inefficient, wasteful, and unnecessary.
  • Address day-to-day setup and programming issues.
  • Optimization of production processes and cycle times.
  • Recommend new fixturing and tooling as needed.
  • Work directly with production personnel.
  • Must follow Company safety regulations.
  • Other duties as assigned.