2 Blade Weedless A-C, W-C, H-D are designed for efficient, durable performance in weed-infested waters. All 2 Blade Weedless propellers are available in NiBrAl or Manganese Bronze.

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The A-C series is primarily for smaller air-cooled inboard engines. Diameters range from 6" to 10" with straight bores.

The W-C series offer heavier blades and a larger hub for water cooled engines. Diameters range from 6" to 10" with tapered bores.

The Weedless H-D series (heavy duty) is designed for maximum strength and durability in weed infested waters. It is designed to take on the heaviest of weeds. Diameters range from 10" to 16", with standard taper bores.

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