The Michigan CX series is the best possible choice for propeller performance. Michigan Wheel naval architects can design a custom propeller for your specific application. Using vessel data and performance targets provided by the customer, a propeller with the optimum combination of diameter, pitch, blade count, blade area, camber, and chord distribution is designed to maximize the performance of each vessel that is evaluated. Maximum performance is not just better top speed; it is a better cruise speed, better acceleration, improved fuel economy, and smoother, quieter operation.

Michigan Wheel sales and engineering personnel work closely with designers, shipyards, yacht builders, propeller shops, and owners to qualify optimal propellers for any given application. Michigan Wheel engineers use the latest in propeller design technology to design each propeller, including custom propeller geometry design code and sophisticated hydrodynamic analysis software. This allows the designer to maximize propeller efficiency while minimizing the performance robbing effects of cavitation. This is particularly important as engine horsepower and boat speeds continue to increase.

All CX series propellers are completely CNC machined to exacting specifications. The use of the latest CNC machining and inspection technology ensures that every CX propeller is manufactured as designed. This process results in consistent and repeatable propeller manufacture, so replacement sets or spares will match the originals.

Every new CX series propeller is given a 5-digit serial number which gives customer service and repair agents a detailed history for a particular propeller. Field service requires sophisticated computerized propeller measurement equipment like the Hale MRI. Such equipment helps ensure the integrity of the original design during repairs.

CX series propellers are available in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8-blade configurations. Blade area ratios are determined by the specific application.